The gerontologists' lecture series is a continuing education program, designed for professionals who interact with the aged population. Its purpose is to provide the participants with new and updated gerontological knowledge, while relating it to everyday professional practice. Each lecture series includes three meetings (four lectures in each), given by experts from the academy or from the professional fields of related disciplines such as psychology, sociology, medicine, nursing, and social work.

Every year, a main topic is chosen from a multidisciplinary perspective. This year the chosen theme was: Between the inner and the external sphere: Creating meaning in the ever-changing reality of old age. Participants in this continuing education program of 2019 included about 65 professionals in fields of social services and health care such as nurses, social workers, physicians, psychologists, and various caregivers.



Ms. Sharon Ost-Mor, an occupational therapist and doctoral student in gerontology: Between positive solitude and loneliness

Ms. Sarit Okon (doctoral student in gerontology): The contribution of online spiritual community to the quality of life at old age

Dr. Sharon Ramer-Biel, a sociologist, anthropologist, lecturer and aging counselor: On loneliness in old age

Dr. Keren Mazuz: Medical anthropologist, consultant and lecturer: Innovativeness in the changing realm of old age


Mr. Moti Nativ: A retired IDF colonel, certified Feldenkrais practitioner, and martial arts expert: Developing awareness through motion and spirit with Feldenkrais techniques

Ms. Shivi Isman: doctoral student at New York University, a lecturer on visual sociology and founder of the Institute of Visual Research in Israel: Seeing differently: The “story-photography” method for growth in old age

Ms. Iris Kleinman-Haetzni: A clinical psychologist and group facilitator: Psychotherapy in later life as a tool for change and growth

Prof. Jacob Raz: An author, translator and lecturer on East Asia: Aging in the Eastern world in practice


Dr. Ricardo Tarrasch: A lecturer and researcher on the fields of education, neuroscience and psychology: On mindfulness, attention and old age

Dr. Tami Yaguri: A lecturer and research on existential philosophy, training therapists in the "Art of Meaning" method: Practical attitude for meaningful aging

Ms. Miri Boker: an occupational therapist and film director: Filmmaking as a therapeutic tool

Ms. Shoshi Keisari: a drama therapist, lecturer and doctoral student in gerontology: Art and creation as a space for looking into the life story in old age

Directors of the Herczeg Institute:

Present Prof. Silvia Koton
2012-2020 Prof. Dov Shmotkin
2005 - 2012 Prof. Jiska Cohen-Mansfield
2005  Prof. Hava Golander
1997 - 2005 Prof. Haim Hazan
1992 - 1997 Founder and first director, Prof. Jacob Lomranz

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The Herczeg Institute Bulletin No. 20

The 20th Herczeg Institute’s Bulletin was published in Hebrew in November 2020. The Bulletin opens with a welcome message from Professor Silvia Koton, Head of Herczeg Institute since October 1st, 2021. This year’s editorial article “Age related changes in the auditory system” was written by Mr. Shahar Taiber , a PhD student and an awardee of the 2020 Herczeg's award for excellence in research for PhD students conducting research on ageing at Tel Aviv University. The bulletin also included an interview with Dr. Isaac Sasson (Department of Sociology and Anthropology, and faculty at the Herczeg Institute), sociologist and demographer specializing in population health. Dr. Sasson spoke of the past, present, and future of the COVID-19 pandemic. We also included in this bulletin an interview with Professor (Emeritus) Dov Shmotkin (School of Psychological Sciences, former Head of the Herczeg Institute and currently faculty at the institute). Prof. Shmoktin presented an overview of the activity at the Herczeg Institute during 2012-2020, when he was head of the institute, and addressed his scientific work and future plans. Lastly, the bulletin included two translated poems by the late Japanese poet Shibata Toyo, and a list of recent publications by the Herczeg Institute's researchers.

An English version of the bulletin will be available soon.




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 What if…time doesn’t heal?

A new TAU reaserch, conducted in the Herczeg Institute, finds that resilience and vulnerability are not mutually exclusive among aging groups



Jiska Award International Psychogeriatric Association 2015 Eng

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