Volunteering and generation of meaning in the third age A collaborative event with Shalem Movement                 This conference took place on 3 April, 2016, at Tel Aviv University, and was organized as collaboration between the Herczeg Institute on Aging, Shalem Movement for the national service of adult volunteering and The Israel Psychological Association. The conference's purpose was to support and acknowledge senior volunteers, as well as volunteer work supporting old persons. It was held as a part of Herczeg Institute's communal activities. The conference was sponsored by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, and consisted mainly of Shalem's senior volunteers, as the conference marked the annual meeting of Shalem's coordinators and active members. Shalem Movement for the national service of adult volunteering is made up of about 10,000 volunteers who operate in 100 local centers throughout the country, performing important communal volunteer work in fields such as: education, traffic safety, counseling etc. The conference was held in memory of Dr. Yochi Ben-Nun, a renowned developmental and medical psychologist and former president of the Israel Psychological Association. Dr. Ben-Nun was also an active member of Herczeg Institute's Gerontologists Research Forum and held a volunteer management position at the Shalem Movement.

The conference was attended by 550 participants and included five lectures. First was Mrs. Tova Arzi, a senior speech therapist, who spoke about the importance of communication skills in old age. Second was Professor Galit Nimrod, associate professor at the Department of Communication Studies and a research fellow at the Center for Multidisciplinary Research in Aging at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, who spoke about the importance of leisure activities, generativity and social activities in the third age. Next was Dr. Elinoar Pardess, a clinical psychologist, lecturer and a researcher, who spoke about ways to increase resilience and compassion in the context of volunteer activities. Fourth was Dr. Sharon Ramer-Biel, a sociologist, anthropologist, lecturer and aging counselor, who spoke about the cultural nature of volunteering in the current area. Lastly, Mr. Shlomo Halima (M.A. in Hebrew literature), a lecturer, spoke about humor and happiness in life.