The gerontologists' lecture series is a continuing education program, designed for professionals who interact with the aged population. Its purpose is to provide the participants with new and updated gerontological knowledge, while relating it to the everyday professional environment.

       Each lecture series includes four double meetings (eight lectures), given by experts from the academy or from the professional field in related disciplines such as psychology, sociology, medicine, nursing, or social work.

       Every year, a main topic is chosen from a multidisciplinary perspective. This year the chosen theme was The intergenerational relations in aging families and elder care practices, which included the following topics:

- Neurological aspects and social and familial aspects of old age

- The old person position in the new family and old age in literature and cinema

- Mental care and nutritional care in old age

- Family care and institutional care in old age


27.1.16 - The first session included a lecture by Dr. Sharon Ramer-Biel, a sociologist, anthropologist, lecturer and aging counselor. Her lecture entitled: How to preserve stable identities and family roles in families dealing with illness. The second lecture was by Professor Yaniv Assaf, head of the Neurobiology department in the Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University, who spoke about New innovations in the aging brain study.

24.2.16 - The first session included a lecture by Dr. Dina Shayevitz, social worker, aging counselor and gerontology expert. She spoke about The old person position in the post-modernistic family. The second lecture was by Ms. Sara Ostrov (M.A), a lecturer, group facilitator and bibliotherapist, who spoke about The glory of old age as reflected in literature, cinema and life.

30.3.16 - The first session included a lecture by Ms. Iris Kleinman-Haetzni (M.A), a clinical psychologist and group facilitator who specialize in treatment of older adults, who spoke about Coping and revitalization: On the process of psychotherapy in old age. The second lecturer was Ms. Orly Yona-Drori, a clinical dietitian and an expert of nutritional needs of the elderly, who spoke about Nutrition challenges in old age: Eating habits, appetite control, risk factors and treatment. How to identify and treat anorexia in older adults.

13.4.16 - The fourth session included a lecture by Dr. Ayala Eliyahu, a social worker, group facilitator and psychotherapist, who spoke about Family caregivers: Challenges and practical issues. The second lecturer was Dr. Varda Green, social worker and head of the program for residential care management training at the School of Social Work at Tel Aviv University, who spoke about the old person and his family in residential care – interests, conflicts and cooperation.