On March 19, 2018, the Herczeg Institute held a conference honoring the release of two books in Hebrew: Preying on the Fleeting Abundance (editors: Miri Varon and Amir Cohen-Shalev), and To my Mother (author: Nitza Eyal).


book elimi                                                                     book al hashefa

Ms. Nitza Eyal opened the conference, elaborating about her book, its writing process, and about the relationship between adult children and their aging parents in general. Her lecture was entitled:  To my Mother: Prologue and Epilogue. The second speaker, Dr. Miri Varon, spoke about the longing for mother in "To my Mother", in Albert Cohen's 1954 memoir "Book of My Mother," and in late-life poems in "Preying on the Fleeting Abundance." Professor Amir Cohen-Shalev concluded the event in a lecture entitled, "Without You I'm Gone." His lecture presented affectionate images of aging in poetry and in the cinema.

The conference was moderated by Professor Dov Shmotkin, Head of the Herczeg Institute.



Ms. Nitza Eyal




Dr. Miri Varon


AmirProf. Amir Cohen-Shalev