On February 4-6, 2019, an international workshop was held at Haifa University on subjective aging and health. The workshop was organized by researchers from the University of Haifa, Bar-Ilan University, the Open University and Tel Aviv University, and was supported by the Israel Science Foundation. Participants included leading international researchers in the field of age and death perceptions in old age. The workshop included presentations and discussions on the current state of the subjective aging field, highlighting conceptual aspects, physical and mental health, psychopathology, ageism and discrimination, and psychological and social interventions. These themes were also discussed in small work groups.

Herczeg Institute representatives in the workshop included Prof. Dov Shmotkin (School of Psychological Sciences and the Herczeg Institute), Dr. Kfir Ifrah (Herczeg Institute and the Ruppin Academic Center) and Dr. Irit Bluvstein (Herczeg Institute and the Department of Nursing).

workshop program "Subjective Aging and Health" - Click here for more details

Participating scholars, in order of appearance:

Yuval Palgi, Dov Shmotkin, Hans-Werner Wahl, Amit Shrira, Gitit Kavé, Yannick Stephan, Shevaun Neupert, Dikla Segel-Karpas, Sharon Avidor, Yaakov Hoffman, Manfred Diehl, Israel (Issi) Doron, Klaus Rothermund, Ehud Bodner, Liat Ayalon, Frieder Lang, Denis Gerstorf, Yoav Bergman.