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 Twilight Nationalism book

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new book by Professor Daniel Monterescu and Professor Haim Hazan. This book, entitled Twilight Nationalism: Politics of Existence at Life’s End, addresses the conflict between nationalism and personal characteristics, as reflected by the life stories of elders in Jaffa's multiethnic community.
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 Re-evaluating the Time of Your Life
TAU researcher investigates the "subjective time trajectory" in psychological health - An interview with Prof. Dov Shmotkin about "Re-evaluating the Time of Your Life" published in American Friends Tel Aviv University Web site -







"Hostile World Scenario" – Articles

Bar Ilan study – Second generation survivors are more anxious about Iran - By Judy Siegel Published in Jerusalem Post 15 April 2015. Click here to read more about Bar Ilan study

Children of Holocaust survivors more anxious about Iran nuclear threat -
By Michele Chabin Published in Washington Post 14 April 2015. Given that many studies over the decades have found that children of Holocaust survivors are deeply affected by their parents’ traumatic experiences, Amit Shrira, the study’s author, set out to discover whether these secondgeneration survivors were more anxious over a potential Iranian bomb than others of their generation. His study was published in Psychological Trauma, a journal of the American Psychological Association. Click here to read more about children of Holocaust survivors

Children of Holocaust survivors fear Iranian threat more than their peers, study finds
By Judy Maltz Published in HAARETZ online 15 April 2015. Israelis whose parents lived under the Nazis are more anxious about the Iranian nuclear threat than their peers who are not second-generation survivors, according to a recent study.
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Professional organizations

The Israel Gerontological Data Center IGDCThe Israel Gerontological Data Center (IGDC)

The Israel Gerontological Data Center (IGDC) is one of several Knowledge Centers recently established with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology in order to further scientific inquiry. The purpose of the IGDC is to provide an infrastructure for the study of population aging in Israel by promoting access to a wide range of relevant data.
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JDC Israel- Eshel EngJDC Israel- Eshel

JDC Israel- Eshel (Association for the Planning & Development of Services for the Aged in Israel) is the association for developing and constructing services for the elderly population in Israel. Its intention is to strengthen the status of the elderly in society.
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Mayers JCD Brookdale Institute EngMyers-JDC-Brookdale Institute

The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute is Israel’s leading center for applied research on social policy and services, serving Israel, the Jewish world, and the international community. Its mission is to increase the effectiveness with which society addresses critical challenges to enhance the well-being of, and expand opportunities for, its most vulnerable members.
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The Strochlitz Institute of Holocaust StudiesThe Strochlitz Institute of Holocaust Studies

The Institute attaches importance to enabling varied populations to gain exposure to new Holocaust studies, from academics and educators to students and the public at large. It realizes its mission through conferences, colloquia, and seminars for academics and the general public, and encourages and nurtures developing scholars in numerous disciplines to gain expertise in the Holocaust and World War II. click here to read more about The Strochiltz Institute of Holocaust Studies

Ministry for senior citizens Eng
Ministry of senior citizens

The ministry was established in order to arrange and develop governmental policies and services on aging population issues. Its goal is to improve and promote the quality of life of the 800,000 elderly people who live in Israel. 
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National Insurance Institute of Israel Eng
National Insurance Institute of Israel

Old age insurance is one of the most important branches of the National Insurance social security system and is designed to ensure that residents of Israel receive a regular monthly income in old age.
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The Israeli ministry of health EngThe Israeli ministry of health

The Israeli ministry of health website gives information about various aging-related topics, such as: health promotion and preventive healthcare, medical rehabilitation, sustained Hospitalization, information about hospitals with Geriatric departments, chronic diseases, elderly rights and their families rights, assistance with choosing nursing care at cetera.
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The Israel Gerontological Society EngThe Israel Gerontological Society

The Israel Gerontological Society was established in 1956. Its goals are to develop scientific knowledge about aging, and to initiate and promote research and policy on aspects of aging, in light of the population aging trend in Israeli society. Its intention is to promote better quality of life for the elderly.
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The center for research and study of aging EngThe center for research and study of aging at Haifa University

The center was established in 1990, to respond to pressing issues in the field of aging that concern present-day Israeli society. The response takes the form of conducting research, formulating and promoting social policy, and developing educational resources.
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