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Department of Labor Studies

Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv 6997801, Israel

Email: lilachlurie@tauex.tau.ac.il

Tel: + 972-3-6409534

Fax: + 972-3-6407300

Room: 403, Naftali Building

Short Biography

Dr. Lilach Lurie is a lecturer (tenure-track position) at Tel-Aviv University, Department of Labor Studies and a member of the Herczeg Institute on Aging. Her research spans the fields of employment law, labor law, pension and retirement, industrial relations and social security. Lurie has a Ph.D. in Law from Tel-Aviv University. She was a visiting researcher at Georgetown University and Brandeis University. Lurie’s articles were published in top international journals within her field. Her book Employment and Social Security Laws in the Twenty First Century was published by the Hebrew University Press. She has received numerous grants and prizes, including research grants from the Israel Science Foundation (2017-2021), from the Ministry of Science (together with Prof. Ayal Kimhi and Prof. Haya Stier, 2018-2021) and from the Israeli National Insurance Institute (2016-2018).

Fields of Interest

Employment Law; Labor Law; Pension and Retirement; Industrial Relations; Social Security.

Selected Publications


Lilach Lurie, EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL SECURITY LAWS IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY (The Sacher Institute at the Hebrew University, 2013) (Hebrew).


Lilach Lurie, Pension Privatisation – Benefits and Costs, 47(3) INDUSTRIAL LAW JOURNAL (UK) 399 (2018).

Lilach Lurie, Do Unions Promote Rights for People with Disabilities? 5 INDIANA JOURNAL OF LAW AND SOCIAL EQUALITY 477 (2017)

Lilach Lurie, Unions and Unequal Pay: The Establishment of Family Wage, INTERNATIONAL LABOR REVIEW (2016).

Lilach Lurie, Do Unions Promote Gender Equality? DUKE JOURNAL OF GENDER LAW AND POLICY (2014).

Lilach Lurie, Can Unions Promote Employability? Senior Workers in Israel’s Collective Agreements, 42(3) INDUSTRIAL LAW JOURNAL 249 (UK) (2013).

Lilach Lurie, Integrative Employment and Social Security Rights 29(3) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE LABOUR LAW AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS 325 (2013).

Lilach Lurie, Mandatory Occupational Pension in Israel: Legislation v. Collective Agreements 12 LABOUR, SOCIETY AND THE LAW 469 (2010) (Hebrew).

Chapters in Books:

Lilach Lurie, Pension Privatization in Israel, Privatization in Israel (Amir Paz-Fuchs, Ronen Mandelkern, Itzhak Galnoor eds., Palgrave Macmillan, 2018).

Lilach Lurie, Privatizing Occupational Pension in Israel, in STATE RESPONSIBILITY AND THE LIMITS OF PRIVATIZATION (Itzhak Galnoor & Amir Paz-fuchs eds., 2015) (Hebrew)

Lilach Lurie, Orly Lobel & Yuval Feldman, Employment Law and Economics, in LAW AND ECONOMICS (Uriel Procaccia ed., 2012) (Hebrew).

Book Reviews, Case Notes and Others:

Lilach Lurie, Labour Market and Employment Policy in Israel (Prepared for the European Training Foundation, 2015).

Lilach Lurie, Peter Flaschel & Alfred Greiner, ‘Flexicurity Capitalism: Foundations, Problems and Perspectives’, SOCIAL SECURITY (2013) (Hebrew).

Lilach Lurie, More Flexible Mandatory Retirement: A Small Step toward the Twenty-First Century – Case Note on Libi Weinberger v. Bar-Ilan University, ONLINE LAW: HUMAN RIGHTS (2013) (Hebrew).


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