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Department of Nursing, Sackler Faculty of Medicine

P.O.B. 39040 Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel

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Short Biography

Irit Bluvstein is a researcher in the Herczeg Institute on Aging as well as the coordinator of the Institute’s foreign relations. She is a teacher in the Nursing Department, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. She received her PhD from Bar-Ilan University. She is a psychotherapist and research psychologist. Formerly, she was Head of the research unit at the Ambulatory Psychiatric Department at Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.


Fields of Interest

Irit Bluvstein focuses on post-traumatic growth, metacognitive processes, mental health in adulthood and well-being of patients and health professionals.


Selected Publications

Ben-Avi (Bluvstein) I., Rabinowitz S., Melamed S., Kreiner H., Ribak J. (1998). Malingering Assessment in Behavioral Toxicology: What Why and How. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 34, 325-330.

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Ben-Itzhak S., Bluvstein I., Schreiber S., Aharonov-Zaig I., Maor M., Lipnik R., Bloch M. (2012). The Effectiveness of Brief Versus Intermediate Duration Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Adjustment Disorder. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 42 (4), 249-256.

Wruble, A. W., Reiss, I., Bluvstein, I., & Krulik, T. (2012). Premarital education in the religious Jewish sector: is it important? Is it enough? And what is its relationship to marital and sexual satisfaction? Journal of Sexual Medicine, 9, 163-164.

Bluvstein I., Yehiely L., Sheps D., Sherieber S., Bloch M. (2013). Posttraumatic Growth, Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Mental Health Among Coronary Heart Disease Survivors, Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings. 20, Issue 2 (3), 164-172.

Itzhaki, M., Bluvstein, I. Raz, S., Barnoy S. (2013). Factors affecting the actions and emotional reactions of nursing teachers following encounters with students who present them with Internet information. Nurse Education Today, 33(8), 842-846.

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Peles Bortz, A., Bluvstein, I., Bergman, L., & Barnoy, S. (2016). Anxiety and support resources for Israeli women before gynecological surgery. Women & health, 1-13.


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